Wega commercial coffee machines for cafes

Wega Atlas Wega commercial coffee machines for cafes
Wega Atlas

Wega Atlas

Electronic version with a built in microprocessor controlling all operations, and providing volumetric dosages for coffee brewing.
  • The programming of 4 different doses per group, automatically and independently.
  • Push buttons for manual continuous coffee brewing.
  • Automatic water re-fill & auto level.
  • Available in 1 group, 2 group (plus 2 group compact) & 3 group models.
  • Two chromed steam wands (single on 1 group model)
  • One manual hot water tap.
  • Built in rotary pump.

Wega Atlas

Wega Polaris Wega commercial coffee machines for cafes
Wega Polaris

Wega Polaris

Electronic coffee machine with four volumetric programmable doses per group, with manual brewing button
  • Two chromed steam wands (single on 1 group model)
  • One programmable hot water tap. 
  • Water auto-fill
  • Built in rotary pump.
  • Available in Metallic Black, Sand 1035 and Chrome.
  • Also available in High Group

Wega Polaris

Wega Concept Wega commercial coffee machines for cafes
Wega Concept

Wega Concept

Thanks to it’s innovative software, the Wegaconcept has the ability to memorize the workload of the machine, thus adjusting the work and standby functions accordingly. 

The multiple boiler technology, apart from the energy saving function which distributes power to the individual boilers only when required, guarantees an increased thermal heat stability of the coffee brewing boilers, giving us a perfect espresso

The function of the nocturnal standby mode, combined with the MBT and SLS technology, allow the Wegaconcept to obtain a certified energy saving of 47,6% during the nocturnal rest period, and of 30% during the operational period (relative to an average weekly consumption of 15kg of coffee).

  • Available in black, red or white. 
  • Now also available in Total Black and Total White

Wega Concept

Franke automatic coffee machines for offices

Franke CS H Franke automatic coffee machines for offices
Franke CS H

Franke CS H

Swiss quality and precision in a compact design, featuring a digital icon display, ’one-touch’ cappuccino function, the ‘Spumatore Duo’ twin foamer for the preparation of two coffees simultaneously, an ‘intelligent’ energy saving function and hygienic cleaning programmes including automatic rinse function for the ‘Spumatore’ milk foamer.

With an average capacity of 40 cups per day, the H is the perfect solution for the small office environment.

  • Elegant metallic graphite & chrome design
  • ECO mode and 0 Watt energy saving off-switch
  • Low noise, hardened steel conical grinder
  • Individually adjustable grinder settings
  • Powder compartment for pre-ground coffee
  • One-touch ‘Spumatore Duo’ – twin foamer for the preparation of two milk/coffee drinks simultaneously
  • Digital display duo-dialogue display
  • Individually programmable coffee recipe function
  • Adjustable coffee portion (ca. 20 ml - ca. max. 240 ml)
  • 3 stage temperature programming and 5 stage aroma selection
  • Height adjustable coffee, milk & hot water spout
  • Automatic level monitoring including beans sensor
  • Automatic hygienic cleaning program (rinsing, cleaning, descaling)
  • Automatic rinse function for the ‘Spumatore’ milk foamer
  • Removable brewing unit for hygienic cleaning
  • Stainless steel thermo milk cooler (0.5lt)
  • Cup illumination

Franke CS H

Franke CS Flair Franke automatic coffee machines for offices
Franke CS Flair

Franke CS Flair

The Flair is the ideal coffee machine for anyone wanting to serve a perfect of coffee without needing the performance of a large machine.In addition to the well-known features of the market-proven Saphira, the Flair boasts a number of additional innovations, including the output of steam and hot water from separate nozzles simultaneously. It also has ten individually programmable buttons, and you can heat or froth milk automatically, allowing you to prepare a latte macchiato at the touch of a button.

  • High-performance piston coffee machine with pre-infusion
  • 2 high-precision grinders with direct grinding
  • Individual grinder selection, with ground coffee blended for each product
  • Coffee-bean level monitoring
  • Controlled quantity of hot water output
  • Steam dispenser for separate milk heating
  • Operating panel with 10 product buttons including hot water and steam button
  • Fully electronic control board with illuminated LCD
  • Individual programming of the water, ground coffee and milk quantity for each product
  • 3 separate brewing temperatures
  • Automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme for coffee and milk unit
  • Adjustable combined dispenser 75 to 150 mm with 2 integrated cappuccinatores for milk froth and hot milk
  • Dry coffee grounds ejected into tray, with overfill safeguard
  • Direct dispensing of coffee and milk foam at the touch of a button
  • Provision for connection to dispensing and billing systems
  • Casing colour: standard black with CNS front cover, option silver with CNS front cover
Franke CS Flair

Franke Evolution basic Franke automatic coffee machines for offices
Franke CS Evolution

Franke Evolution basic

Franke Evolution Basic & Top: the all-rounder for hotels, clubs and restaurants

Evolution stands for sophisticated coffee expertise. 
Only 32 cm wide and yet so powerful: The Evolution Top has a daily output of up to 250 cups and dispenses up to 20 different coffee/milk specialties at the touch of a button.

  • INDIVIDUAL OPERATION - large and clearly arranged product buttons - product buttons can be individually programmed and labeled - up to 20 different coffee products
  • EASY TO CLEAN - automatic rinsing and cleaning program for the coffee and milk section - dispenser is easy to remove and can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher
  • OPTIMAL HANDLING - bean hoppers can be removed easily and without additional tools - continuously adjustable outlet height from 80 to 150 mm This functional, compact machine is timeless in design, and yet focuses entirely on what's essential: producing an unmistakable coffee quality.
FRANKE CS Evolution Basic

Mazzer grinders

Mazzer Mini Mazzer cafe grinder
Mazzer Mini

Mazzer Mini

A compact Mazzer grinder is the Mazzer Mini. Proven reliable in commercial environments, its equaly suitable for home use by the coffee enthusiast.  Perfect in a cafe as a decaf grinder too.

  • Solid cast body
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Power: 250 watts
  • Grinding burrs: flat 58mm
  • Burr speed: 1400rpm
  • Hopper capacity: 600g
  • Colours: Black, Aluminium, Polished
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 158w x 355d x 460h
Mazzer Mini

Mazzer Super Jolly Mazzer cafe grinder
Mazzer Super Jolly

Mazzer Super Jolly

If you run a small cafe, this is the perfect grinder for you. its commercial quality and reliability will keep your business running smoothly. Its also perfect for a busy cafe as a backup or decaf grinder. If you have enough room at home, be the envy of all your coffee loving friends. 

  • Solid cast body
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Power: 350 watts
  • Grinding burrs: flat 64mm
  • Burr speed: 1400rpm
  • Hopper capacity: 1.2kg
  • Colours: Black, Silver
  • Net Weight: 14kg
  • Dimensions: 240w x 420d x 600h
Mazzer Super Jolly

Mazzer Major Mazzer cafe grinder
Mazzer Major

Mazzer Major

Do you want to own the largest burr coffee grinder made by Mazzer? This Mazzer Major is it. 

  • Power 650 Watt
  • Grinding blades Ø 83 mm
  • Grinding blade speed 1400 rpm (50Hz) and 1600 rpm (60 Hz)
  • Coffee-bean container capacity 1.8 Kg
  • Ground coffee container capacity 360 g
  • Dose adjustment 5.5-8 g
  • Net weight 20 Kg
Mazzer Major

Mazzer Kony Mazzer cafe grinder
Mazer Kony

Mazzer Kony

  • Power 350 Watt
  • Grinding blades single-phase: ref.191C-Ø 63 mm
  • Grinding blade speed 420 rpm (50 Hz)
  • Coffee-bean container capacity 1.3 kg
  • Dose adjustment 5.5-8 g
  • Net weight 20 Kg
Mazzer Kony

Mazzer Robur Mazzer cafe grinder
Mazer Robur

Mazzer Robur

The market has room for only a few at the top, and this is one of them. A fantastic commercial grinder. 

  • Power 900 Watt
  • Grinding blades (single-phase: ref.186C-Ø 71 mm)  three-phase: ref.187C-Ø 83 mm
  • Grinding blade speed 420 rpm (50 Hz) and 500 rpm (60 Hz)
  • Coffee-bean container capacity 1.8 Kg
  • Ground coffee container capacity 360 g
  • Dose adjustment 5.5-8 g
  • Net weight 28 Kg
Mazzer Robur

Wholesale coffee beans

When you are looking to buy coffee beans online and are searching for the best price on wholesale coffee beans online, you are also concerned with quality of the coffee beans you receive. The Coffee Bean Shop has been supplying fresh roasted premium coffee beans to businesses and cafes all over Australia since 2006.

 The owner of the business, James, has a very active role in customer satisfaction, ensuring that when you order coffee beans online, you deal with one person and are kept informed of your orders progress. James is available 24 hours every day and roasts coffee beans fresh every weekday.

Coffee Beans delivered all over Australia every day

Coffee bean orders are roasted fresh and dispatched by courier to you fast. Coffee Bean Shop sends coffee beans to all cities and towns in Australia, not Just Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart. 

No application process, just the best price possible

You don't need to buy a lot of coffee online to benefit from the lowest possible prices. The Coffee Bean Shop provides the best price possible for orders of 1kg to 500kg. You can choose from various varieties of coffee beans, mix and match your order as you please and get the absolute best price on your coffee beans at the Coffee Bean Shop


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